H2O Compliant

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Yup, 2016 had finally sinked-in! The first month of the year is almost over and here comes February. How are we going along with our resolutions or faith goals? I am sure a lot of us have committed to a healthier lifestyle this year; the regular exercise, eating healthy meals, maintain proper diet, and probably to stay away from stress. As we begin our healthier habit this year (hopefully, and beyond), I’ve set myself to start with something basic, attainable, something necessary or mandatory: and that is to drink eight (or more) glasses of water every day! The truth is, I just simply forget to drink water! Consciously or sub-consciously? Well, I’ve told myself that if I can pull this through, then I’m good to go with my other planned healthy routines.

One of the reasons (or excuse) why I probably neglect to comply with this necessity is, because I immediately pee afterwards! Yes my good people, you’ve read it right! Sorry for being blatant, but that’s the truth! Especially when I know that we’re about to go out somewhere, I’ll start to restrain myself from taking any liquids at least half an hour prior. Then I resume taking liquids again if I know that there’ll be an immediate access to a loo! Otherwise I’ll be an absolute nuisance as a travel companion until I visit the toilet. Imagine if we’re going on a long drive (wink)! Hence, water is not always my best friend.

Anyhow, along with this shameless revelation is the fact that there is no excuse for not drinking the right amount of water daily. I may faithfully do sometimes but not really on a consistent basis. I’ve read lots of articles on how most of our common sicknesses are due to lack of water in our body, and that could somehow be true. Getting dehydrated is a serious offense to holistic approach of healthy living, so say some health experts.

So in order for me to ensure I meet my daily quota, I need to outsmart my system. I may not use the eight glasses as my standard of measurement, but what if I can somehow consume the equivalent using other means (or tricks)? And so, I tried to outwit the equilibrium by switching the size of my drinking glass to a taller glass! At least drinking few glasses here and there before any sudden going-out plans assures me that I had almost enough until I am once again stationed to drink water. Unorthodox perhaps, but so far I think it’s working on me. And if I continue to persevere, my quota of eight glasses of H2O a day, or its equivalent, is almost near my reach :). All the best to me!

What about you? Faced any difficulty to continue what you’ve started this year? Don’t give up, pull yourselves together and remind yourself that, If there’s a will, there’s a way 🙂

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Simplified Living


I am not really a bookworm or someone who couldn’t sleep without first reading a book. I would say that I am more of a ‘seasonal reader’, although I wouldn’t mind spending extra hour a day in reading, in case I come across of something worth the time. Recently, a good friend AA had recommended a book entitled Simplify by Bill Hybels. The tagline itself which reads,”10 Practices to Unclutter your Soul” was already a statement to reckon with. Is there any single soul that you know of who doesn’t need uncluttering? Knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally, we feed our souls with unworthy and nonsensical ideas that left them unhealthy, chaotic, and congested.  Whether we admit it or not, our soul needs ‘healing’. One may ask, how would this book be different from the others who have already written on the same subject? Honestly, my first impression was to laugh and it made me!.. It is not because the contents were funny or unpredictable, but as if the author was directly speaking to me! And I laughed, without being disrespectful, because the realization was so true and reflective to what and where I am right now. It’s a ‘wow, how did he know that?’ kinda laugh 🙂 . You know, when someone faced you with the truth, you couldn’t help but sometimes just laughed at the reality then later, nod in agreement. Believe me when I tell you that this book is very personal and truthful and will definitely make you pause and contemplate. Some of his suggestions are doable through simplified living, however some do require perseverance and conviction. It’s still a long read for me before I reach till the end, but so far, it started hitting me to the core 🙂 .

Quoting some lines from one of the chapters, Bill Hybels wrote, “Simplified living requires more than just organizing your closets or cleaning out your desk drawer. It requires uncluttering your soul.  By examining core issues that lure you into frenetic living, and by eradicating the barriers that leave you exhausted and overwhelmed, you can stop doing the stuff that doesn’t matter and build your life on the stuff that does”.

Note to self: Change is possible.

Other books by the author:

Bill Hybels is also the bestselling author of more than twenty books, including Axiom, Holy Discontent, Just Walk Across the Room, The Volunteer Revolution, Courageous Leadership, and classics such as Too Busy Not to Pray and Who You Are When No One’s Looking. Most of his books are available in Amazon.com