Homeschooling Went Outdoor!

FeaturedHomeschooling Went Outdoor!

When we speak of ‘homeschooling’, the most common notion is that education is limited inside the comfort of our home. On the contrary, homeschooling extends its varieties of self-learning, self-discovering and the introduction to general subjects like shopping, ordering food in a restaurant, interaction with people from all walks of life, and the latest we explore is the buying of groceries. In particular are the things that are to know in purchasing fresh meat, fish, etc based on our personal experiences and preferences from the local wet markets. Of course the time will someday come where choices and decisions have to be made on her own but for now, this is where her elementary of learning begins.

For me personally, I am not so specific on what I want to buy each time we go grocery shopping. I’ll have my shopping list then look for whatever is cheap; housewife instinct if that’s how we may call it. However my Mister operates differently. He just don’t look for the good bargains, but is it worth paying for the price regardless if the item is on special offer or not. I must admit, I’ve learned a lot from him especially when buying fish and the likes. Due to this, who’ll be the best ‘shopping teacher’ to our homeschooler but him.

And so it’s time for Jade to learn her Dad’s trade! ♥ The following snaps will probably give you the hints of the conversation (and the convincing) that might had taken place while choosing or buying the right shrimp. Price tags matter, too. In some cases, the most important details are hidden in smaller writings so it’s good to understand what those small writings are about. If they can save us some few bucks, why not?!

This will be the beginning of our Homeschooling Went Outdoor series, so keep visiting for more outdoor exploration. Next stop, maybe on how to choose the right ‘egg’ hahaha!



Home Schooling 101: Share a bike, win a Friend


Part of my daughter Jade’s home schooling curriculum is to socialize with kids her age. Though socializing is never really an issue with my daughter, but the finding of friends her age who will be available to socialize with during her allotted time, where most kids are at school, is a bit of a dilemma. However, whenever we visit parks, play grounds, shopping malls, or nearby stores even on unusual hours, my daughter never faces any trouble of meeting a new friend! Problem solved 🙂 !

Even during her younger age, her dad and I encouraged her to acquaint herself as well with non-Filipino kids which she painstakingly obliged. It is also more of a ‘no choice menu’ for her living out of the Philippines most of her life, and her dad being on a non-Filipino category; but we are glad that she enjoys expanding her circle of friends.  You could imagine our challenge of defining to her the application of the ‘never talk to strangers’ policy!  Well, we tried our best to be clear on that subject.

One challenging task is to also educate Jade on what matters and what are relevant to other children, who have different cultural background and beliefs as she has. Making her understand that what is important to her is not necessarily the same level of importance to others.  Like learning to respect their religious practices, their difference on food choices, topics or toys preferences, and the list goes on.  We can’t avoid the occasional mishaps as she ‘collaborates’, after all, children are different individuals with unique ideas and variations on favourites. Sometimes, there are things that make them unhappy and ideas tend to clash. But such misunderstanding easily expires and before you know it, they are back to playing as if nothing happens.. the beauty of innocence 🙂 .  We, adults should sometimes learn from our kids especially from their easily-forgiving nature.

Well, we parents can give as much impartation as we can but we too, are limited in all capacity.  So there are things that we should allow them to learn and experience on their own. Part of our job is to prepare them for what comes ahead.  I quote from one of the books I read, “Being a perfect parent doesn’t matter, but being a praying parent does”! I resonate that.

For now, may Jade enjoys her youth and continue to appreciate the simple things in life!