Credit Cards and Bank Loans – Free Legal Aid and Seminar

FeaturedCredit Cards and Bank Loans – Free Legal Aid and Seminar

Are you looking for some legal advice on how to restructure your existing loan or wishing to know on how to settle your credit card dues amicably with some abusive debt collectors but do not know how or who to speak to? You may want to attend this.

The Gulf Law and the Filipino Lawyers in Dubai are once again conducting a FREE Legal Aid and Seminar to tackle on topics that involve the following:

  •  Know your legal rights and obligations
  • Dealing with a Police Case
  • Bounced Cheques
  • Bank Settlements
  • Court Case
  • Abusive Debt Collectors
  • Central Bank Blacklist
  • How to restructure your loans from different banks

Venue will be at the Philippine Consulate in Dubai, on Saturday, 11th June 2016 at 2:30pm and to be attended as well by a special speaker from the UAE Police, Mr. John Ray Cerna.

To register, you may confirm your attendance by email along with your name and mobile number to Gulf Law Client Care at or to

You may not probably be in any actual involvement on these cases as yet but would like to know the legalities should in case, you too are welcome to attend.

Stay safe. Be aware.



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Free Legal Aid and Seminar on Family & Immigration Law in UAE


Hello Expats! It’s been last month from the last time I’ve posted a blog. I know, I’ve sluggish a bit and that is due to our recent trip to India which was a blessing being with family once again! Will try to tell you more about that on my next blog. Speaking of family, here’s some good news to those of you who wish to sponsor your family and what does the Immigration Law says about it.

Once again, Gulf Law and the Filipino Lawyers in Dubai will be conducting a free legal aid and seminar focusing on Family & Immigration Law, and also on the following subjects.

  • Black List and Administrative List
  • Deportation
  • Visa Sponsorship
  • Immigration Fines and Waiver
  • Immigration Appeals
  • Marrying a Foreigner (you may want to check out my blog related to this: 8 Things to Consider before Marrying a Foreigner)
  • Sponsoring your Family
  • Child Support, Alimony
  • Illegal Affairs, Domestic Violence
  • Registration of Marriage, Birth, Death
  • Wills & Inheritance

In Dubai:

Friday, 18th September 2015 – Philippine Consulate at 2:30pm

In Abu Dhabi:

Friday, 2nd October 2015 – Philippine Embassy at 2:30pm

For registration and to confirm your attendance, please send your details (name, contact number, and email address) to

ofw guide to uae

In case you haven’t got your copy yet of the Essential OFW Guide to UAE, you may collect one during the seminar.

‘Till here for now! 🙆

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