The Greener the Better?!

FeaturedThe Greener the Better?!

One of my faith goals in 2016 is to drink lots of water or at least meet the daily recommended intake, faithfully.  I deserved a ‘pat on my back’ as I’ve stood on this commitment till this day, compared on how I used to in the previous years of having a good start and gave up halfway. We’re almost on the 10th month of this year and I’m still diligent, so YEY! to me. I’ve told myself that if I can pull this through, then good to go with my next goal, and that is to add more veggies on my daily diet. This, I failed big time! Well, I’ve barely passed sounds more comforting hahaha!

Most of my friends are into this ‘green diet’ nowadays and has been mixing (or experimenting) different kinds of vegetables either into their drinks or meals. I envy their conviction and wish I could do the same. But when it comes to veggies, it’s a drag for me. Nevertheless, a transformation is a ‘must do’ if I want my family, especially my daughter to follow my lead to healthiness 🙂

A lot of our young people these days may care less on eating lots of green, leafy veggies in addition to eating fruits, though it’s one important Doctors’ order. Or perhaps because they still have that privilege of burning those excess carbohydrates naturally. However, yours truly had already crossed that ‘young people’ category so not only should I take this seriously but also willingly. “You are what you eat”, they say so hopefully, it’s not too late to portray  a better identity ♥.

And so, just recently, I’ve started drinking along with my Mister, these veggie combination which is apparently good in bringing down cholesterol and supposedly effective in melting unwanted fats. Result is slowly recognizable after the more-than-a-week trial especially on the latter working around the belly area :), but we’re hopeful that it will prove its claim in no-time. Otherwise, we should know if the need to shift to another veggie combination is due; there are tons of them by the way. I’m sure there’s a perfect combination tailored out there that suits ones metabolism.

Combination of chopped cucumber, fresh pineapple, celery, and parsley (blended in half a cup of room temperature water)
Finished product! (Need to consume within 10-15mins on an empty stomach)

Note to self: “For maximum result, green juices to be taken with regular exercise and moderate carbohydrates consumption”!♥

Cheers to healthy living!


The Screaming, the Sand, and the Camel

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Have you ever screamed so loud (and so long) that you couldn’t hear yourself screaming anymore? That your throat hurts so much but still wouldn’t stop screaming because that’s the only way you can substantiate the thrill and the excitement you were feeling at that time? Oh yes! Been there, done that during our recent experience in Dubai Desert Safari! As a ‘first-timer’, I didn’t exactly know what to expect and it was my ride of a lifetime. I am not a very brave adventurous type of person so you could imagine what dune bashing could do to me! The adrenaline rush was unbearable and gratifying at the same time. I don’t think I can describe the feeling without using enough adjectives! I went with my other ten super courageous girlfriends and though they weren’t so much helpful to alleviate my tension (as they were screaming equally loud as I was hahaha!), they were the best company to experienced this with! So, two thumbs-up to all of them especially to our sponsor, Madam Coordinator! :).

To those of you who had already been to the Dessert Safari, I am sure you know exactly what I’m rambling about, so please excuse the little bit of exaggeration 🙂 . This blog is dedicated to the 11 wonderful women who just want to have some fun (and more)!


After the ‘roller-coaster-felt-alike’ ride, our driver had dropped us to the Camp where the rest of the program would take place. Some of us had decided to first go on a camel ride and once again, another first time for me. My hubby once told me that my existence as an expat in the Middle East is somewhat validated once I experience a Camel ride. Some may not agree, but well, why not legitimize his point. It wasn’t one of my pleasant experiences either but surely one of my most unforgettable. Though the camel made a grunting sound as we rode on her back, but she carried us safely to our destinations. We were later told that she is a female which explained her forbearing dedication, however there was a need to expressed her tiredness through grunting (peace)!  And so finally, the hard-working camel sealed my fate as a valid expatriate of the UAE. Yey!

By the time we finished our short and sweet encounter with the desert mammal, the sun was beginning to set so we rushed to an elevated area where we hoped to at least catch a glimpse of it. We hiked vigorously onto the orange sand and raced like children till where our breath could take us. Though still panting, we took pictures after pictures not minding that most of our shots were dark and already shadowy. Well, it was worth all that. You see, most of us are mothers who rarely find time and the courage to leave our children behind so we might as well capture the moment and take some pictures of a place we might not consider to come back! Hahahah! That maybe was an over-statement. It will not be surprising if some of us consider to plan for another visit. None of us could deny the fun and the jaw-tearing laughter we all had. Maybe the next time, the screaming will decrease and the camel will be happier. The only time we were less noisy quiet was during dinner while enjoying the live performances. Or maybe the screaming and the sand climbing already consumed most of our energy.

And so after our meal, we’ve all set to go home. That ends our day with stories and memories that we’ll continue to be talking for a while. Though exhausted, we’re all grateful to God for keeping us safe. It was indeed a day to remember!


Note to self: being adventurous can be fun, for as long as it is age appropriate 🙂 !