Dear Next President,

FeaturedDear Next President,

If you will be given the chance to write a letter to the next President of the Republic of the Philippines, what would the content of your letter be? This maybe the chance you have been waiting for to be heard by the 16th elected President of the Philippines.

In view of the 2016 Philippine Presidential Election, Kabayan Weekly launches the ‘Dear Next President’ letter-writing competition that is open to all Filipinos of any age from anywhere in the world. The letter can either be written in English, Tagalog, or Taglish.

To participate, read below for the mechanics of the competition.  For more details, you may check out this link to view the article posted by the paper on this:

May the best letter ‘be read’! 🙂

*images from Kabayan Weekly


Overseas Voter Registration and Certification


Registration for the 2016 Philippines Presidential election for overseas workers is ongoing in all Philippine Embassies and Consulates until October 31, 2015. This is to ensure that all Filipinos abroad can exercise their right to suffrage.

Please be advised that if one is already a registered voter in the Philippines but will not be in the country during the 2016 election period, you will only need to apply for Overseas Voter Certification.

Visit and take the time to watch the OV INFORMERCIAL for more details on the overseas voting procedures.

An OVF-1 or the Overseas Voter’s Form 1 can be downloaded at

Go to:  About COMELEC > Overseas Voting > iRehistro for Overseas Voting

God bless the country of the Philippines!

~Information shared via Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines