From the time I’ve started homeschooling my daughter, Jade, it has always been my prayer and desire to be part of a homeschooling community where parents personally meet and share similar journeys of home educating our kids. Even during my initial year of homeschooling, I’ve already identified the need of having to talk to someone who speaks the same ‘language’ as I am when it comes to home education. Like a solace in knowing that there are other families like us who opted for the same kind of settings. It is like a support group that aids each other in enhancing skills as home educators and the fun of involving our kids’ socialization in the process.

Being an expat here in the U.A.E, reaching out to such community is a bit of a challenge as sometimes, I need to cross one Emirate to another to join a group. Until recently, a homeschooling community has just been formed in my locality. After a long time, it felt like the earth became smaller, the task looking lighter, and suddenly, I’m not alone anymore! yey!

We just had our first successful ‘Mommy Meet-Up’ over a cup of coffee and doughnut. We’ve missed the company of two more mommies who weren’t able to join us due prior engagement. Anyhow, it was such a blessing to listen to every mother’s unique story of passion, commitment, and how the universe orchestrated our paths to cross, so that we can be an encouragement to one another. We’re all grateful. God do answer prayers! 🙂  And as we continue to persevere combating the challenge of home education, family life, secular jobs, and everything else in between, we all know that we shall reap our rewards in due season!

It was indeed a very productive meet-up and we hope to have the Daddies join us the next time. We sure look forward for more as we got pumped-up with our planned activities lined-up for our kiddos. We are excited to be sharing to you more updates as the ‘Homeschooling Community in Sharjah’ grow, glow, and go!


“There is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent”. – Mahatma Ghandi



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