The Day She Beats Me in the Game of Scrabble

My daughter just turned 10 couple of months ago. Her enthusiasm in playing with her Barbie dolls had lessen and she’s sort-of getting ‘connected’ these days into drawings, monologues (with a pretend audience), making videos (as if she’s being interviewed by someone and she politely replies with some sort of an accent), and her sudden interest in cooking (with the acting and the talking similar to that of a cooking show – so cute!). As a matter of fact, she almost perfect her own version of Chocolate Pancake using the Cadbury choco-malt which we purchased from India during our last visit. It was meant for drinking but its purpose just got deviated! She’s actually braver than I am in collaborating ingredients, etc. Good for her :).


To add to her current interests is also playing the game of scrabble. Her dad introduced her to this game (to seemingly enhanced her vocab). She’s very excited and so willing to learn the rules and the mechanics especially when she came to know how to score big using the ‘triple word’ spots on the board. No player can predict what word would be formed next, so to attain a score through that red-triple-word spot is not an easy reach. She’s been trying so hard to form big words from the time we started playing. Even words that were unfamiliar to her she will boldly use so as to win, but to no avail since she’s been stuck playing with two grownups (whew!). Until only few days ago, when it was just the two of us playing, her perseverance and effort paid off! She finally beat me for the first time, placing two separate words landing on those triple word spots resulting to high scores! She’s jumping for joy, as if she just won a large prize! I guess for a 10yr old, beating an adult (all the more her mum), was an achievement! I, too, was ecstatic while sharing her victory! I could still remember the thrill on her face, she’s completely overwhelmed! For now, she refuses to play scrabble with me so she can hold on to that ‘winner’ status for a while, (till she’s apparently ready) hahaha! That was one of our classic moments 🙂 .

‘Snap’ & ‘Safari’

As a mum, seeing your daughter grow up and divert interests from baby stuff into pre-teens stuff and all, was a mixture of emotions. Whether I accept it or not, it is a clear glimpse of the inevitable – she’s growing up and will soon be a teenager and then to adulthood, and .. – well, I think I’ll rather put the future thought into halt, for now. I guess it is more realistic if I’ll handle the changes in my daughter’s life one stage at a time, like ‘crossing the bridge when I get there’? As it is, I can almost feel an ‘ache’ in my heart with a mere thought that one day, it’ll all come to pass. Yes, I’m so proud of what she’s becoming but a part of me resists and refuses to completely let go of her ‘baby stuff’…. the pain fear of the unknown…

For now, I’m breathing hard, more of a sigh… I’m praying that God would allow me to live long enough to watch her grow and settle; to witness more of her ‘scrabble achievements’ and everything else that she wishes to achieve. To be with her as she reaches for more of those difficult ‘triple-word’ spots in her life. To watch her change interests one from another. And to create more classic moments together….


A mother’s prayer….


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