Padama sa Padala Promo!

Good day expats! It’s been more than a month from my last blog as I’ve been busy with so many paper works/errands that demand immediate attention. I just came back from the Philippines and it has really been pretty tight. One of those days when someone may wish to have more than two pairs of hands and a larger brain capacity to effectively multi-task! Inexcusable perhaps, but thank you for understanding 🙂 . Hopefully, my organizational skills will improve in 2016! Yay! The beauty of a new year; fresh start, clean slate.

image lbc

Anyhow, as we are in the season of  giving, it’s time for some giveaways! (thank you, LBC). LBC UAE is giving away two Gift Cards worth AED100 each for two lucky winners on their ‘Padama sa Padala’ promo. Just follow these simple steps on how to win:

1. Watch this less-than-a-minute video of Padama Sa Padala Promo – click here (you may also share the video).

2. Like this post below or reblog (so we can have your email address)

3. Share on your FB page.

The two lucky winners will be chosen by LBC UAE on the 1st week of Jan 2016 and will be contacted by yours truly via your Facebook or email account. The Gift Card can be used in any City Centre Malls & the Mall of the Emirates. Winners may claim their prize from LBC Branches either in Dubai (Karama), Sharjah & Abu Dhabi upon presenting a valid ID. Please note that only those residing in UAE can participate.  All the best and let the ‘sharing’ begins!

I would like to take this opportunity as well to wish you all, a very Merry Christmas & a blessed New Year! Till next time!

For my non-Filipino readers, ‘Padama sa Padala’ or the closest English translation I could think of (in this context is) – Reassuring or conveying the love and care through remittances, gifts, or parcels. 


Image: courtesy of LBC

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