The ‘Little Indian’ in Me!

With my mum-in-law, brother-in-law and his family and us. Groupie time 🙂

It’s been more than a month since we came back from our short vacay in India. I couldn’t believe it myself that it was more than one month ago! I didn’t even know what had occupied me since our return. Of course we’re seriously catching up with our back-to-homeschooling itinerary and the lessons that we needed to complete before November end; we also made a visit to an ex-colleague whom we haven’t seen for sometime. I couldn’t believe it too that it was almost two years from the last time I saw her. Time just don’t fly,  it soars! Anyhow, enough of my expat ramblings. So let me tell you, it was a fruitful and refreshing trip; a mini-reunion with our Indian part of the family and the privileged of meeting again one of our dear friends.

In case I haven’t mentioned to you yet, my hubby is an Indian/Cambodian descent, though most of my friends and family members wouldn’t agree the first time I made the introduction. Most of them teased him of being a Filipino disguising as another nationality. That is because he got more of his mum’s Khmer features. He fluently speaks both the languages and still very much connected to both his roots. After marriage, the adjustments we made with each other were so minimal probably being from the same continent and sharing almost similar ancestries (it’s easier to just put it that way 🙂 ). When you marry someone either a foreigner or your townsman, adapting to each other’s culture is very vital for harmonious relationship. So, after years of ‘fine-tuning’ and accustoming, I have grown to love that ‘little Indian in me’ :). Collective effort, I must say.

From that time on, my ‘little world’ has never been the same. I have been a part of more than ‘one nation’ and grateful for the new things I’ve learned and still learning. My husband’s family have accepted me together with whatever baggage I carry along with me. I appreciate them for re-arranging their lives for me, too. The feeling that we are a part of each other has been mutual.

Few members of the family are still in India. We’ve lost my dad-in-law in 2005 and my mum-in-law is aging gracefully although often sick. She’s a very strong-willed woman and refused to sometimes be treated as weak. I guess most of the parents if not all, possessed that common notion that they can still function the way they used to 5 or so years ago. They are inured to take care of their ‘flock’ rather than being the one taken cared of.  Don’t we just love our parents 🙂 My youngest brother-in-law and his family are her constant companion. I commend them for their love and commitment to mum :).

Well, we don’t know when to meet them again, but we look forward to our next visit! Phir milenge! (we will meet again).

Here are some of our ‘happy-moments-snaps’ and the etc’s!

The joy of meeting one of our good friends. They are currently based in India but who knows, where we will be meeting next. 🙂
And, my favourite! Crispy Paper Dosa with masala potato as filling. It’s made of Rice and Lentils served with Coconut Chutney and bowl of Sambar- ! Yummy!
And the cold sodas that I can only enjoy when in India!


8 thoughts on “The ‘Little Indian’ in Me!

  1. I just love reading your blogs Ate Meanne…most of the time I can relate in it,..I guess its because we are on the same situation that we are married to an Indian…Anyways, i hope to see you all soon again….thanks for sharing our pic…we really miss your company. One day is very less to spend time with you all… May God bless you even more.

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    1. Hi, first of all, thanks for following my blog. 😍
      And to answer your question, I’m afraid it is not similar to shawarma although it’s one of my faves, too! This one uses crispy bread (crispy-sort like tacos) made of ground rice & lentils. The filling is also pure veg 😊.
      God bless you!

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