As back-to-school is soon happening in this part of the globe, I couldn’t believe but be thankful that it has been almost two years since we started homeschooling our daughter, Jade; with God’s grace we are almost concluding our Level 4 home school materials plus the additional modules due to K-to-12. I could almost frame her happiness and sigh of relief each time she finishes a PACE and soon enough, she will be commencing with her Level 5 PACES. But before we dive into that, we’ll be taking a couple of weeks off to India and visit her dad’s family! It’s been a while from the last time we saw them, so we’re all excited especially Jade. Anything that will take her some time off from her studies! 🙂

Whew! I’m so glad I have started my blogging. Not only that I found my ‘me time’ through this but it also serves as an avenue for me to meet other homeschooling moms! Reading their blogs as they talk about the similar journey I am exploring encourages me and sort of reassures me in a way, knowing that the occasional hiccups that I go through is normal and just part of the whole ‘homeschooling package’. I am grateful that I found ‘new friends’ in them even cybernetically; they have helped me a great deal in ‘filling-in my blanks’.

To those of you who may be considering homeschooling your child/children, I encourage you to be open-minded and embrace the whole values involving this process. I could have shared you the ‘how-to-go-about-it’ procedure based on my own experiences, but as I am learning and understanding more of the homeschooling culture, there’s really no ‘fixed-formula’ on this. Even the method of presenting the lessons differ from one child to another. That is because each child is unique and has their own coping and learning abilities. Probably the one thing that we have in common is our intentions why we chose homeschooling. So if you are really serious about this, it may surprise you to know that the means, teaching materials, and the support are incalculable. You just need to identify which among the resources available will work for you and your child.

Working on a crossword puzzle; one of her faves 🙂

Allow me to share you few links of some amazing homeschooling mums who have brought more light to what I am babbling about (wink)! Consider going through their blogs, write ups, and homeschooling tips! I am pretty sure you will find their stories and journeys quite inspiring. I am motivated more than I was a year ago! Their confessions and convictions why they’ve decided to home school their children echoed exactly my own. Of course, they have put them in better words! 🙂

I believe that every parents want the best education for their children. Please understand that methods vary from personal preferences and choices. Pray for wisdom and guidance so you would know what best suits for you and your kids. After all, they are the future generations; we are only God’s co-laborers.

Maybe I can share you some validation guidelines on my next blog on homeschooling. Especially to those who may want to know the certifications involved in validating their lessons with our local Ministry of Education back in the Philippines.

Meantime, happy homeschooling!


9 thoughts on “Back-to-Homeschool!

  1. Hi! I’m glad to have found a fellow pinay homeschooler in UAE…I stumble upon your interview at and visited your blog. I am bev, and I am homeschooling our eldest son who will be turning 5 and by next year, our youngest will officially be homeschooled as well, so I will have 2 dashing homeschoolers…I hope to connect with you and other homeschool family in UAE…

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  2. Hi Bev thanks for dropping by! It’ll be my pleasure to get connected with you. I’m currently out of Dubai but I’ll definitely get in touch with you once I’m back! Take care 😊


  3. Hi! I am also homeschooling my 2 kids aged 6 and 8 and we are from Dubai. We arrived here late last month only. I just want to know if there is any Filipino homeschooler group here in Dubai who regularly do meet ups for the kids. If there’s none, I want to know how do you compensate for the lack of social interactions of your kids.

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    1. Hi Kathleen, thank you for stopping by and welcome to Dubai! At the moment, I have not met an all-Filipino homeschoolers as yet who meet up regularly. I understand your concern on our kids lack of social interactions but being in Dubai, you just need to be resourceful and you’ll be surprised to know of so many activities you can hook up your kids into. Meantime, let’s keep in touch and I would love to meet up with you soon. I’ll email you some info as well. Take care.


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