Coffee Treat for Taxpayers!

One of the items in our to-do-list each time we visit the Philippines is to pay our property tax. Our option to pay it in advance or on time is based on the date of our visits, however, we tried not to pay late.  We have had an unpleasant experience in the past wherein we paid a big amount of penalty for delayed payment and so, we do not intend for that to happen ever again. This time we know better and we try to make it a habit to settle our dues in advance if not on time. Aside from availing the 20% discount for advance payment, it is also convenient to avoid the rush and the long queues during the payment season.

Do you know that part of the taxes we pay in the Philippines go to Special Education Fund, where it supports Public Schools and the schools for impaired children or with the disabilities? Call me naïve, but I have just known this few years ago, when I got personally involved in paying our taxes. This awareness gave us a bigger picture of where our contribution goes and, all the more reason to pray for wisdom and honesty for the people behind the distribution of these funds. Aside from the feeling-good factor for the ‘contribution however tiny’ that we give as taxpayers, you get to be a part of our country’s educational program for the under-privileged. If only the amount collected could genuinely reach the purpose it is intended to, then I am sure, we would all be motivated to pay our taxes. If only…. Nonetheless, let us not use this theory as an excuse not to comply 🙂 . Free coffee

Recently, I have been to Quezon City Hall to pay and it was one of those few hassle-free experiences I had in a government office. I considered it as my reward after walking in the heat before reaching their entrance from where the bus made the drop-off. Anyhow, the service and hospitality of the employees were commendable plus, I got to drink free coffee (from a vending machine, of course) while transacting. What an exclusive service for ‘taxpayers’! It would have been more appropriate though if this gesture is extended to other visitors, too.  Besides, aren’t we all taxpayers, whether in a manner of ‘voluntarily’ or ‘involuntarily’ contributing? (wink)!

Something to ponder upon: “Give to God what is due to God, and give to Caesar what is due to Caesar”!

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