‘3 Idiots’ – All Is Well!

Mr. Webster defined the word’ idiot’ as a noun, an utterly foolish or senseless person or a person lacking the capacity to develop beyond the mental age of three or four years.



3 Idiots is a Hindi movie released in 2009 and has become one of my all-time favorites. Only recently, got the chance to watched it again and my appreciation for the story increases each time. Well, just for you to know, I have been a fan of Indian films (minus those hyper-action-heavy stunt ones) from my early time in Bahrain, when The Filipino Channel was yet existed in that part of the Gulf, and the cost of installing a cable was way too expensive.  My flatmates and I were initially left with no option due to scarcity of programs to watch on TV, but surprisingly, watching Hindi films became a part of our weekend past-time favourites.  Thank God for the English sub-titles! As an expat, sometimes, you need to give up your right to be ‘so picky’ and try to adapt to your foreign environment; you’ll be surprised how comfortable you could become if only you’ll give ‘change a chance’!

I am neither a movie critic nor writing this as a movie review; but the story was very compelling not to share. Let me warn you though; to those of you who have already seen this film or you’re just about to, you may find this write up too brief and trivial. The film was enormous on its entirety to wrapped-up in such a limited space (and of course, I will run out of words to depict it :)!  But surely it’s emotional, entertaining, enlightening, and for some maybe just a feel-good factor.  Note that this film has already been released in Philippine TV with Tagalog sub-title. Hah!

Well, the story was about three college engineering students who, were meant to cross each other’s path inside a campus dormitory with one goal in life; to attain degree in Engineering. Their passion to achieve their dream maybe unconventional to others, but for at least the ‘2 Idiots’, it’s a matter of love and commitment to families. Just like the most of us who would sacrifice our want for the sake of our family’s need.  However, the ‘3rd idiot’ probably has the most valid of reasons to graduate.  Though his existence was a façade and bounded by agreement, he was committed to pursue what he started with no regards to recognition nor credit.  His character was perhaps unorthodox with a belief that one should pursue excellence, not always success, and everything else will just follow.  I particularly enjoyed his ‘all is well’ version of story and how he came up with its conclusion. Their journey together was tested by faith, love, courage, and sacrifice. Like most films, ‘3 Idiots’ had a customary happy-ending. They all did well in life despite the ‘hullabaloos’ and eventually, they enjoyed the fruits of their labour.  I am sure one way or the other, each one can relate to this film.

You might wonder, but why were they tagged as the ‘3 Idiots”? Do their persona matches with what Mr. Webster defines?  I absolutely didn’t think so.  Perhaps it is only due to the simplicity of their philosophy in life that made them misunderstood, misjudged, and misinterpreted by the people around them, in short, they were different! Nothing personal, only an intellectual point of view…

This film can be seen by a teenager, however, I suggest a need for a parental guidance while watching, as some scenes could be better understood and explained with the presence of an adult. Call me ‘conservative’ but you’ll thank me later 🙂

Note to self: do not judge, as to each his own…


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