Love Never Fails!


‘Baddhaiy Ho’! It was year 1990 when they first uttered their ‘I do’s” … 25 fruitful years later, their celebration of love and life continues! In the year 2040, the golden celebration will be something worth looking forward to!! (wink)

Congratulations again, to Mahesh and Ridhi on the recent celebration of their Silver Wedding Anniversary! May the Lord bless you and keep you, together with your two beautiful daughters, Abbey and Anisha.

Weddings fascinate me… the idea of two people beholding each other with a promise of ‘till death do us part’, is not only profound but overwhelming.  I cry on weddings, including mine :). Not due to sadness or anything related, but because of the unexplained joy and unforeseen adventure of two imperfect individuals attempting to create a life as one, on their own.. Isn’t that exciting!?

It’s been a while from the last time we attended a Silver Wedding celebration; we almost forgot how elaborate and detailed it could be. The silver wedding celebration of Mahesh & Ridhi reflected the intricate planning that must have initiated months back.  The 4-days  of themed-events plus the one day of the bride’s Mehendi (Henna) preparation can be exasperating, if they weren’t planned well in advance.  From the venues, to food choices in the buffet, the wedding cake, gowns, program, special numbers, personal services, and all the other grand celebration essentials were visible! Well done to the organizers, I must say; well-planned and well-attended too! Close friends and families flew in to Dubai from London, South Africa, India, and Hong Kong, in order to wish the couple personally and be part of this glorious and memorable occasion. The couple’s two gorgeous daughters were on their best hospitable gesture as well, who diligently ensured that all guests were greeted and well-treated :).

The couple begun their celebration with a night of traditional Thanksgiving Ceremony, followed by three consecutive nights of exuberant celebrations.

Party highlights were the Mehendi Night, which took place at the Dubai Creek and Golf Club. The party was set outdoor overlooking the creek, beautifully lighted and settled comfortably under the night’s pleasant weather.  The ‘diwan’ was brilliantly decorated, however hardly sat-on by the couple due to the ‘call’ of the dance floor. The dancing lasted till 3 in the morning, as I can only presumed that nobody wished for the night to end.  All were in awe as the bride & groom entered riding on a big, posh motorbike, in reminisce to their dating times while roaming on a motorbike where apparently, it all started.  A night to remember!

The Cocktail & Dance party took place the following night and was flamboyantly celebrated in Raffles Hotel, where the couple’s grand entrance to the ballroom was much awaited.  They entered walking hand-in-hand in a procession, followed by their children on a sort-of-like-an-aisle setting in the middle of the ballroom.  The bride looked stunning on her long, purple, sequined-slightly off-shoulder gown, while her groom looked dashing on his black tuxedo. The stage was glamorously decorated in white, the dinner buffet was filled with delectable dishes, and the music had enticed every guest to the dance floor! This space won’t be enough to write all the specifics, but one of the unforgettable scenes of the night were the surprise dance numbers, bravely presented by close family members and friends for the entertainment of the couple. It was superbly organized by Abbey and Anisha, who themselves showcased their dancing talents that evening. As a finale, the couple also presented a special dance number that brought the ‘house down’! All performances were well-cheered on by the guests and definitely enjoyed and appreciated by the ‘bride and groom’ 🙂 !

The fourth-day of celebration was concluded with a theme called the Flashback Friday, an evening of music, laughter, and memories.  This final day of celebration was to commemorate their friends, who have shared their love, life, and trust with them over the period of years.

To the newly wedded-couple (again) :), may you continue to BELIEVE IN LOVE that is patient, kind, does not envy, does not boast.  May the LOVE THAT BINDS YOU together remains to be not self-seeking, not easily angered, and does not keep record of wrongs. May your LOVE FOR EACH OTHER continues to rejoice in the truth, always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always persevere…

Love INDEED never fails!


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