A color to ‘dye’ for!


I have been in a recent situation where the original color of my hair started to reveal and go against the ‘artificial color’, where it reaches a certain length that it was beginning to point out the obvious. I do not so-often dye my hair, though I fancy doing so once in a while, like once in six months. I was due for my next hair dye in few weeks’ time but coincidentally, there’s a wedding we need to attend to, so the premature schedule has been justified.

My last hair tone was a golden brown and thought of mellowing it down, so I have decided to go for a little darker color this time. Went to the supermarket to begin my search and there was a promo lady in the Koleston section who, was willing to help me out with my hair color transformation.  After considering her suggestion plus her convincing marketing power, I was to try out the shade of cocoa brown; seems appropriate, I thought.. Any shades of brown on my hair compliments my face, says my darling niece, Haze.

After going through few pointers from the instruction sheet that came with the Koleston box, my self-hair coloring-application begun.  When the slightly-messy-job was over, the result was not even close to what I have expected..  My ‘was-once-golden-brown-hair’ has completely turned into peach black! The ‘shade of brown on my hair that compliments my face’ was nowhere to be seen at all!  I was really disappointed. This was not the outcome I had in mind, not this much black at least.  I am no longer an amateur in dyeing my hair by myself, but I guess my inexperience in mixing hair colors pretty ruined my judgement.  But was it supposed to come out in black? Can someone please hush me, as I kept on asking the same question for days now?

It has been couple of days ago but I am still consoling myself with the aftermath. There were moments that when I looked at myself in the mirror, I feel like my new hair tone has a resembling appearance to that of Cher from one of her music videos, “Do you believe in Life after Love”? 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I was only referring to the hair color. Cher is stunning! (wink)

Well, no point of ‘crying over spilled milk’.. what is done is done, need to move on with my life, learned from my mistake, and may be, next time, I pledged not to shift my hair color again from golden-brown to cocoa-brown, unless  I’m expecting a peach black result! Just like what other people say, ‘if it’s already looking good, do not attempt to changed it’….

Maybe next time, I’ll do some virtual testing first! 🙂


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