Season to be jolly!


It is one of those many seasons in the Philippines where ‘personal calendars’ get really busy organizing stuff. It may be planning a summer break, spending a vacation with relatives, choosing the most affordable holiday destination to go to, outdoor swimming, considering a summer job, and of course to top them all, the GRADUATION CEREMONIES!  I’ve been reading tons of graduation related posts in FB and from other social media updates.  Looking at the posted photographs illustrate a clear glimpse of happiness and relief from the faces of the graduates and their proud parents.  Congratulations, job well done!  I can only imagine the generous time and selfless efforts invested to achieve one’s dream.

To the graduates, it is indeed a glorious day! Whether you just graduated from kindergarten, elementary, high school, or college, getting hold of your diploma is indeed a milestone to celebrate! Be proud and grateful of what you have accomplished.  Your journey to success continues.  Never let go of your perseverance, humbleness, determination, and faith to God, who provides and allows all.  Do not forget those who pledge to work alongside with you towards your goal to finish ‘the race’! Remember to appreciate and thank them for their valuable and loving contribution.

To the parents, who have given so much to their children, ‘hats-off’ to you all, Mabuhay po kayo! Your toil and labour are immeasurable and cannot be repaid.  May God continue to bless the ‘works of your hands 🙂 .

To all the guardians, sponsors, and school faculties, you are highly appreciated and respected. You will be remembered although sometimes forgotten to be acknowledged.

Oopps, I think I may have written my own graduation speech! 🙂 🙂 .. I was just moved with both excitement and memories, reminiscing on my own graduation ceremonies and being reminded of my parents’ countless sacrifices for me and my siblings. We’ll be forever indebted. God has been truly faithful.

Well, no matter what tomorrow may bring, cheers to the future!


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