‘Tapsilog’ Craving!


I have been craving to eat ‘tapsilog’ for days and can’t help to recall the last time I had one. Back home in the Philippines the cravings for food are not limited on choices, but on the budget:).  Anyhow, whenever my sentiments for home-cook food attacked, I would either attempt to make it at home or find a nearby Filipino Restaurant that could satisfy my yearning! Have done the latter.

For non-Filipino readers, ‘Tap-si-log’ is a typical Filipino combo-meal and its name is represented by the abbreviation of the main ingredients.  Tap for tapa (pan-fried marinated beef), Si for sinangag (garlic fried rice), and Log for itlog (fried egg over-easy).  This delectable meal is normally served with papaya pickle and vinegar with chilli or freshly-crushed garlic.

During one of our evening walks along Al Qasimiyah Street, we spotted a new Filipino Restaurant besides Al Habtoor Tower called “Kusina ni Nanay” or Mother’s Kitchen. Apparently, they just opened for business last 4th of March and looks like it has been attracting patrons already. We were later told that this branch is the first in Sharjah while the other three are in Dubai.  Well done I must say!  So, we went in with high hopes that their ‘tapsilog’ must be good!  We decided to place an order to-go for AED20 per serving.  The packaging was presentable and the service was satisfactory.  The verdict? Minus the papaya pickle, it tasted just the way it should be – atleast for me. Although the portion may be sufficient to fill a medium-built person’s tummy, it could have appropriated the whole deal if the price includes a cold drink.  Just saying….

Without sounding patriotic, I honestly rejoiced whenever a Filipino restaurant opens up for business in the UAE, and my silent prayer that they excel and succeed.  Of course the competition being very high, the management should also put in some extra effort to level up the quality of food, service, and hygiene. Not to mention the ‘banner’ they carry – their home country…

Next craving? Halo-halo pls!


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