Chef in the Making


One of the many talents of the Khmers (Cambodians) is their expertise in cooking.  We’ve just been acquainted with some of them recently and as an affirmation, most of them work as Chef or Sous Chef in some of the most popular restaurants in the UAE.  One of the promising aspirants is my husband who never ceases to try out his hidden talent in the kitchen.  This didn’t surprise me at all as his mom is one of the best cook I’ve ever known; she and her cooking pots are ‘inseparable’!  You could imagine the pressure I was in after we got married! I thank God for my extended family. I’m blessed and loved.

My husband’s natural flair in cooking still needs constant practice and attention.  As the saying goes, ‘practice makes you perfect.’ But due to high demand of his time at work, he couldn’t cook as much as he used to. However, whenever he gets a chance for more than a day off, he would prepare some yummy dishes he grew up eating.  One of my favourite treats is ‘Banh Hoi’. It’s a combination of different veg and herbs with rice thin noodles, sautéed chicken meat, all wrapped in fresh lettuce and a dip sauce made of crushed roasted peanut/light vinegar with few green chillies, carrotts, and jaggery (palm sugar).  It requires a lot of chopping and preparation hence pile of pots and pans for me to cleaned-up afterwards! I guess there’s always a price to pay after eating a free healthy, scrumptious meal! I should be more than grateful 🙂

His ultimate dream is to put up his own restaurant one day after his retirement from the corporate world.  He often says that ‘dreaming is for free, so why not dream big’!  He is right about that.  For a hard-working man as he is, with prayers, right insight, and a ‘green light’ from above, one day I know it can come true..

For now, he will need to feed and satisfy his most faithful costumers – the wife and the daughter!!


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