Money By The Book


Felt motivated after attending a brief seminar conducted by a gifted and brilliant Personal Finance Coach, Mr. Randell Tiongson from the Philippines.  He not only encouraged us on how to wisely handle our finances but, also shared to us a step-by-step approach on good stewardship of our hard-earned income.  His light and humorous arguments on money matters made us once again realized that God cares for our future and our view on money reflects on how much is our obedience to Him. He also emphasized on discipline, generosity, prudence, and diligence in doing what is right towards wealth or possessions.

Mr. Randell Tiongson and four other financial gurus will be conducting a seminar on educating financial awareness to OFWs this Friday, 20th March 2015 in Dubai at the Emirates Aviation College. I believe this is worth attending to…

One important reminder to us OFWs is to start setting aside ‘some portion’ for ourselves.  Our employment contract has expiration and our stay in this country is temporary.

Note to selves:  Budget well.

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