Simple Pleasures: Walk in the park – Sharjah Corniche


One of the simple pleasures my family and I enjoy on a pleasant weather like this is a walk in the park. It doesn’t cost us much, refreshing, and the probable chance of meeting new friends. My daughter will enjoy her moments of freedom riding on her bike, while my husband and I will be sitting on one of the wooden benches sharing a cup of coffee with our fave doughnuts from Krispy Crème, which is available close by.  More than my need to unwind is my hubby who works on erratic shifts, where his body clock will definitely be begging for mercy if only it could scream out loud! Sooo, a relaxing time outdoor where the breeze, night air comforts his soul will do him tons of good…

As we strolled further ahead, we passed by a Dhow Restaurant that was anchored along the corniche. We were able to speak to one of the service crews who were standing just outside the restaurant’s entrance to welcome the guests. As we inquired out of curiosity, he’s gleaming with excitement talking about their Friday Arabic Buffet that costs AED50 per person and 50% off for children. What a happy chap! Maybe it’s worth a try one of these days… can’t help to wonder though if the pictures of the food on their menu taste as good as they look (wink)!

There were lots of people mainly families with their children enjoying their time at the park, less bothered of the haziness due to slight sand-storm … just like us, they too are taking advantage of the tail of the cold season before the summer finally begins. As for now, we’ll worry less and enjoy this lovely weather until it lasts.

By the way, it looks like the road facing the Sharjah corniche will be undergoing a major make-over! The whole stretch of its parking lot has been blocked by road cones and barriers.  The traffic this may cause looks inevitable.  Anyhow, “beautification and improvements require sacrifice”!

Hold on to thy peace 🙂


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