Home Schooling: A test of Character and Perseverance

happy student
happy student

School year of 2013 when my husband and I decided to home school our daughter, Jade, who was then entering into Grade 3. Through inspiration and affirming testimonies of close friends plus the countless nights of praying for wisdom, we’ve finally decided to give Home Schooling a GO! Although my husband was a lot more convinced considering that this was our best option at that time, I was still somewhat sceptical especially it is I, who will be administering the lessons. Let me tell you a little bit of my educational teaching background, professionally – none! All we have is faith, boost of enthusiasm, and tons of love and compassion for this young soul who needs nurturing and tutoring. The feeling was initially overwhelming… Yes, I have been a Sunday School volunteer once, played teacher during my early teens to the smaller kids within my neighbourhood and yeah, I adore interacting with children. However, will all these qualifications suffice to home school our daughter? ….And so anyway we did! After completing the familiarization of the teaching tools and guidelines, the process begins.

Jade is never a difficult student. She has her style and unique abilities to absorb what is being imparted to her. She’s jovial, curious, and thinks ahead for her age. However, there were those random moments wherein her mind actively travels and wanders in between our discussions! Sometimes, as I explain the lessons to her, she will gazed at me as if we were in one of her favourite Barbie movies! She’ll start smiling, winking and staring beyond my face! Of course, now I know better …. With this kind of mood, she’ll be more productive in “Literature and Creative Writing”! Enough of my gabbing on Social Studies! Her cup on this subject has been temporarily full.. There are more fascinating and motivating stories to share, but the point I am trying to stress is how different and exceptional the response of each student can actually be towards every given subject.

We are now on our second level of home schooling Jade. Witnessing her growth academically and socially has been very encouraging and, her enthusiasm in doing house chores responsibly is commendable!  Our respect for each other as teacher-student and mom-daughter relationship has escalated and matured into a closer bond. Oh yes, we both survived and endured.. we still are.. My husband is our common house ‘judge and jury’ when discussion sometimes turned into debate and objections; his wise jurisdictions set us all back in business. I’m so grateful to God for faithfully pouring down His grace upon us, relieving us from our doubts and fears and the assurance that her training from home is never in vain.

Our home schooling journey continues and indeed tested our characters and learning aptitude. Jade will eventually go back to the conventional school settings one day. She will need to strive harder, cross more hurdles, and will face greater challenges in life to achieve her dreams. But we are certain that she will conquer. Her destiny and purpose will ultimately fulfil by the most high, all-knowing God, who holds her future!

~With all our salute and gratitude to all the school teachers all over the world… Mabuhay po kayo!!

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